By Corey Hinde | SEO | Digital Marketing

It’s highly likely you are ignoring email in your business.

OR – You are using it, but not very often.

Possibly… you are worried that people will unsubscribe or get annoyed.

I want to show you, very quickly, a super simple method you can use for email marketing.

Anyone can do it, any business can use it, and it takes almost ZERO technical skills.

I implore you to reconsider this.

Email can be incredibly effective – people just need a nice simple strategy to follow.

Here is that strategy….

👉 Updates and Deals Email 👈

What is it?  

A monthly email, with several product updates, the opportunity to ask questions of the business, and ONE great deal.

The deal is there to help in 3 ways:

1️⃣  Help people who were “researching” to become first time customers

2️⃣  Get customers to buy again

3️⃣  Grow your list and potential customer base by people sharing the email with friends.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper…

People often are aware that email COULD be a key part of their marketing mix, but don’t know where to start, or how.

OR – they think it’s way beyond their skill level.

OR – they are worried that they’ll annoy people.

All wrong…….

This method is easy to set up, takes hardly any time or skills, and also… who wouldn’t want to hear from a business they’ve used, with some interesting updates just once a month, and some new deals!!

Everyone loves a good deal!

Sadly, my profession of marketing is GUILTY of making things sound way too hard, in an attempt at growing their agencies or consultancies.

Sorry about that!

Here is the method I’ve used before, successfully…. Step by step.

Step 1 – Sign up to an email provider

Most people trip up right here on this step.  There are LOADS of email services, so I’ll just suggest what I use, SendFox.  

Simply go to – and sign up.

I have no affiliation here or reason to suggest them, except that I use it, its great, and allows me loads of cool features that help me out.

Pay for the plan that is around $50 to start up, that allows you to use it to its full capacity, and that’s a one off payment.  Its entirely worth it.

Here is a guide from them:

Once you have done the set up, ensure you create a landing page as well, so you can get something like this, to send to people:

That’s my landing page, which is available at – nice clean URL that is easy to promote.

Step 2 – Get people on the list

This step scares people, and it really should not.

This is where the magic starts!

The goal here is to get as many customers, followers, friends etc, ON your list, as fast as possible.

The step by step we recommend is this:

  • Set up a template email – Subject line should be something like “your account credited” OR “updates and deals – don’t miss out”.  The BODY of the email should say something like “we’ve got a new monthly Updates and Deals list, do you want to join? We’d hate you to miss our deals”
  • Use 2 or 3 headlines, and start sending that email out to customers, followers etc – with the link to sign up. 
  • As emails get opened, keep an eye on which subject line seems to be working, and send more emails using that one.
  • This step is slow but worth it.  Keep sending emails out, and include something personal if you can think of it for each person.  EG, a question about their latest purchase.

Before you know it, you’ll have people adding themselves to your list.

Step 3 – Tempt your Social Media pages with a prize

Now we can have some fun.

Find your social media posts with the highest number of comments.  Could be Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, whatever works for you.

Go back to them, and comment yourself, with something along the lines of “Updates and Deals newsletter starting, here is the link, the first edition will include a free {whatever} for one lucky subscriber” and drop your link there.

Remember, the goal is just to get followers of your business onto your new email list, because people often buy from email, yet just browse on social media.

Step 4 – Replace your entire email signature block

Some people hate this step, however…. It’s proven to work, and that’s what counts.

Replace your entire email signature block with something like this:

Corey Hinde | Marketing Director | SEO

► Don’t miss our free advice:


People know your email address… they just hit reply.  If they want your phone number, they’ll track it down.  They don’t really care what degree you have etc etc… use your signature block for one specific thing.  Build your email list.

Step 5 – Set up an easy template email, and SEND IT

I think my teenagers will be happy that I just said “send it”….

This is actually the fun part.

Just head on into Sendfox once you have some subscribers, and hit the CREATE MAIL button.

Once you have a nice template that you have used, you can simply use the CLONE option in the future, and replace the text areas but keep the look and feel – huge time saving and good branding.

For now – here is my suggested email format for the Updates and Deals email.

  1. Company name at the top – or name of newsletter / email.
  2. Update 1
  3. Update 2
  4. Request for questions or help.
  5. A great deal.

For example I have “Sales and Marketing NEWS” at the top of every email, nothing needs to be complicated, let’s keep it simple:

For this email method, you’ll then simply have an update about something related to your business or industry.  Could be a product update, some industry news, features of a new thing, anything at all that is interesting to your target demographic.

THEN – you’ll have another, the goal being to appeal to as many people as possible.

For example when I ran a fitness company in Australia, we would have a recipe of the week, then a workout of the week, followed by any fitness news.

This was all topical, easy to source, and easy to produce.

Then – we’d put out a “have you got any questions?” section, and perhaps some examples of questions we had received in our business recently.

For example… I released our new Google By Business course this week, and had a great question about the NAME of the listings.  I’ll include that question and answer in a future newsletter.  My readers create my content for me!

The NEXT step is crucial….

You need to include a really good deal.

As mentioned above, there are 3 reasons for that – we want to reactivate former customers, we want to get followers to turn into customers, and we want people to forward our email ON to other people.

THEN – just do that every month.

Go into your sendfox dashboard, hit CLONE, spend some time writing a new one, and watch your business thrive!!

IF you need any help just track me down – I reply to all emails.

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