By Corey Hinde – SEO Consultant

This ONE thing will matter more than you realise as Voice Search takes over….

Voice search is here – loads of business owners just don’t know it yet.

Seen a 13 year old with a smartphone lately?

Welcome to a preview of how people will find your business in the future….

Digital marketing - smartphones and teens
The future of Digital Marketing – teens and mobile search

They’ll be using voice search on their smartphone, and there is one thing that we think will become more and more critical as time goes on.  More on that soon.

We get asked this often now… “what can I do to prepare for Voice Search?”

Just last week (early March 2020), I had a great chat about this with a fellow marketer – and we came to a few conclusions….

ONE – get your Google My Business house in order.

Spend time getting this free listing right, because from what we have seen so far, it’s easily the best indicator so far of who will do well on voice search.

Head over to the platform now, and check how your listing is looking –

Here in New Zealand, it’s truly stunning how many businesses pay no attention to this at all.  Yet when we do live testing with humans, they use Google My Business results almost exclusively!

TWO – this is the ONE THING we mentioned above…. Focus on your Google Reviews.


We were in agreeance on this.

Over time, the playing field will level out; the people not yet using geotagged images will figure it out, the people not using strong keywords and text with images, will figure it out, people not using offers and other features will figure that out too…

However – reviews will be the point of difference.

Remember what Google’s goal is (apart from making money):

To give YOU the best possible search result, so that Google remains your search engine of choice.

They don’t want people “gaming” the system, to get ahead with their platform.  They really do want the best possible search result.

Remember February 2020 – a LOT of Google My Business listings were locked down because Google felt they were essentially “cheating” the system.

Google pays a lot of attention to any dodgy behaviour…

SO – for YOU – once you have done your homework on Google My Business optimisation, focus on your review game…. Be obsessed with it!

There are heaps of resources online about Google My Business, here is our article:

How to get in the Google 3 Pack - digital marketing
How to get in the Google 3 Pack – Digital Marketing

How to get in the Google 3 pack

Link here:

Don’t discount this… voice search is growing rapidly in 2020.

Estimates are that by the end of 2020 – more than half of all search will be voice!

As we know more about Voice search, we’ll teach you more, but for now, please do realise that:

  • Voice search is growing exponentially.
  • Google My Business search results seem to be the best indicator of voice search results (apart from actual voice search results of course).
  • Google Reviews seem to be gaining importance quickly as well.

Any questions?

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Thanks for reading,

Corey Hinde

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