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G’day –

We are reverting to weekly email now…. 5 topics…. 5 minutes (if you read fast…) – feel free to forward this email to friends.. in fact please do…..

1) Email is not dead…. it’s alive and thriving!!


We surveyed people in our Digital Marketing for Rookies group, and my personal LinkedIn account, and found that of people surveyed….

More than half were not using email marketing or were using it very sparingly.

Generally, people when asked stated time as the major issue for not using email.

I get it… time is critical.

I have seen some amazing results from very minimal inputs into email. The hardest part, by FAR, is starting.

To start, I generally recommend people do 2 things. 1) Sign up to Mailchimp.. it’s fine… don’t worry too much about the platform, the main thing is DOING it…. 2) create a very basic template that you can use.

Once you have a basic template, you can resuse it again and again, cutting down your time input by a long way…

Even businesses that don’t think email will suit them, can get a lot of traction using email. The MAIN reason people WANT emails coming to them is for coupons, deals etc, the SECOND reason is to be educated about something they are interested in.

If you spent some time building an email list, and just sent out a monthly deal, plus something interesting, you’ll win. From what I can tell, people generally over think it, worry about people not being interested, and as such, do nothing. Trust me… email works……

Look at your phone apps…… how do you sign up for them? With your email address…… email is here to stay….

2) Consulting Questions:

In our Rookies group this week, I promised to give out some of the questions I use in my private consulting work. These questions are challenging… work through them….

What is your 3-5 year goal for this business? Why?

If measured out of 100, how far along that path are you right now?

Why are you not at 100 yet? If you could pick ONE main reason, what would that be?

What is your BEST marketing channel for your business (brings you good clients… payers and stayers)?

Are you 100% sure you have maximised the potential of that main marketing channel?

Can you waste less time, and reinvest that time into your marketing?

Are you STUNNING your clients with your service and business? Prove it….Show me some testimonials that prove this…

Do you get your potential clients (people from Facebook, website visitors etc), onto an email list so you an remarket to them?

Once we have worked through those questions, we start my consulting process… work through those questions… be honest.

3) Weekly Book Summary – Blue Ocean Strategy

Each week, I’m going to save you a bunch of time, and summarise the KEY MESSAGE from a ground breaking book…..

Most books have one key idea, and then a few hundred pages expanding on that…

The KEY idea of this book is that you’ll win if you play in a marketplace where there is little or no competition, otherwise you risk becoming a price focussed commodity… and then the race to the bottom begins..

This can mean creating a new market place…. and being the only player. Main point is … you need to be different, and very very good at doing your thing. Owning a marketplace is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. You can then focus on creating demand, rather than competing for an already fixed number of people in an existing space.

4) One at a time please:

If your business is small, say less than 5 staff… pay attention.

It’s highly unlikely that you can do really well on more than 2 platforms… Eg trying to build a good following on Facebook AND LinkedIn AND Instagram… is simply not sustainable.

What I recommend is you pick your very best place, and spend an entire 30 days building that out as well as possible with high quality content, building networks, and branding yourself and business.

Generally… the 80/20 rule applies in this space….. the majority of your results (clients, leads, sales), will come from 1-2 places, so focus on enhancing them, rather than trying to set up your “new place”…. TikTok, Twitter, etc etc.

5) Distractions.

Building on from the last section…. in my consulting business I get a variation of this message every single day….

“Corey, Facebook is going well, I’ve got a mate who’s killing it on YouTube….. or LinkedIn….. ” etc…

There are lots and lots of things popping up online… there are new “tactics” that hit your radar again and again….

Do NOT get distracted…. stick to your strategic plan….

Know your niche, know your perfect client, know your message, and stick with whatever your plan is for getting those people to pay attention to your message in the right FEW places…. and then DO the work…

It’s much like fitness… talk to your trainer, get a plan, then do the work for a year…. don’t leave after a week and join up somewhere else….

See you next Wednesday…… please DO forward this email onto any friends on the NZ business scene…

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Corey Hinde

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