G’day team.

Quick tip for you about Facebook.

When are your page followers online?

Handy to know – obviously we want to match up our Facebook posts with times that our followers are online to get best results – so here is what you do:

Click on your page

Click on “Insights”

Down the left hand side there are options starting with overview, promotions etc

Click on “Posts”

You’ll see a nice big graph showing you when your followers are on Facebook.  Its super useful information to access.

Here is a quick snap of one of my clients data:

So that’s the page data showing that 8pm is prime for this business page.  In fact, for the New Zealand based clients I have, 8pm is showing up as a hot time!

There is heaps of great data in there that you can use to help you out.  It’s also good to review so that you know your page followers are the right people based on location etc, so get in there for a look around.

If you need any help, reach out via my Facebook Page HERE

Corey Hinde – The Good Oil Chief Marketeer

ps – if you run a small business, in New Zealand, with less than 20 staff, I have a Social Media Growth program that you should consider signing up for.  Social media needs to be part of your strategy this year, reach out and we’ll talk.