Weird title huh?

Is this linked to marketing… you betcha

Do you know this man?

His name is Ryan Biddulph and for some reason, I’m a huge fan of his work…

I’m not sure why, but let’s break it down.

Initially, I found Ryan’s blog when I started my first blog in the health space.  I think I was looking for tips on how to put it all together, and Ryan had a post on that at some point.

By the way – if you haven’t heard Ryans story, here is that blog “Blogging From Paradise”

I was immediatelly impressed with his communication style.

It wasn’t corporate or too formal, it was really easy to read AND very practical.

Then – I dug a little deeper and noticed that this guy was really living the dream…. Travelling, making money blogging, but the whole time telling us all about it – and holding nothing back.

Super easy guy to relate to.

Like he’s talking right to YOU.

I liked that.

I followed the blog, I even bought a couple of his ebooks, because they were really well written, had titles that solved an immediate problem I had, and the cost wasn’t through the roof.

SO – I kept following.

Over time, I followed his Twitter account HERE – and again, more super easy to digest content, and what I noticed more now than ever, this guy was a workhorse!

He was pumping out more ebooks and valuable content than anyone else I was following online.  I really respect that.  The guy was doing lots of quality work AND building really strong relationships with his readers (also known as, potential customers).

I have to say – this is the type of guy who if he owned a restaurant, would have customers over to his house on Xmas day.  He’s that genuine.

The genuine nature of Ryan’s work really struck a cord with me.

Now – I’m a superfan.  I like his posts, I read all of his content, and what I’ve noticed is that I am also building stronger personal relationships, even when they have started online and we may not have met in person.

NOTE – Ryan is actually down here in New Zealand soon, so if our timetables allow, I’ll be buying lunch…

(update…he’s now left New Zealand – sad face….)

I digress…..

The real reason I wanted to talk about Ryan today was that yet again, today, I was on a coaching call and Facebook changes have clients nervous, scared, and worried.

SO – I look at guys like Ryan, who are building personal relationships and content, and I advise clients to get deeper, get more genuine, use their name as well as their brand, merge the two together, and keep rocking on.

Talk – connect – build genuine relationships, and you’ll keep winning in business and in life.

The passion, and genuine nature, of what this guy does, is truly amazing.  It’s world class.

Ryan – thanks for the lessons – this year they are really becoming more important than ever before both personally and professionally for myself, and many of my clients.

If you want to follow Ryan on Facebook, do that HERE

Twitter you’ll find him HERE

Medium you’ll find him HERE

Next week I’ll probably review another guy I’m a superfan of – Noah Kagen – bit of a mancrush..

Corey Hinde 

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