By Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph

I asked my loyal blogger buddy network if anyone wanted me to write a guest post for them.

13 respected bloggers – Corey among them – generously took me up on my offer in a 17 hour stretch. 

But the 17 hour stretch appeared to be an illusion.

12 years of generous, genuine networking went into building a loyal, large enough blogger buddy network to where 13 successful bloggers invited me to guest post on their respected blogs. 

Digging deeper; 12 years of creating content and practicing my writing influenced bloggers to trust me to the point where they  wish to publish my guest posts on their blogs.

Build your blogger buddy network well before you need it. Make friends now. Be generous now. Be genuine now. Blogging buddies make life easier. Blogging buddies accelerate your online success exponentially.

Blogging buddies help you when you need help. But now is the time to network because putting off networking leads to sheer nightmares, endless headaches and immense blogging struggles, in your future.

Picture a Lone Wolf Blogger Trying to Place Guest Posts

13 successful bloggers invited me to guest post on their blogs 17 hours after I offered to write a guest post. 12 years of creating and connecting effort went into 17 hours’ worth of seemingly lightning fast, easy returns.

But 1000’s of lone wolf bloggers who resist networking litter spam folders today with their blind, mindless, cold guest post pitches. Struggles meet lone wolf bloggers because few bloggers trust strangers. My junk, spam and inbox seems filled with blogging lone wolves attempting to place guest posts on my blog. I reject 100% of these opportunities because I have unlimited guest posts waiting for me within my skilled, loyal, large, trusted blogger buddy network.

I could open guest posting again and have 10 to 20 or more guest posts waiting for me on demand by simply asking my loyal, skilled, trusted blogger buddy network. This is why I ignore the 1000’s of guest post pitches I receive from untrusted strangers.

Why would you trust someone who never earned your trust over someone who generously, genuinely, patiently and persistently earned your trust over days, weeks, months then years?

Corey has promoted me, endorsed me, purchased my eBooks, retweeted me and has flat out believed in me, my blog and my message for years.

He is a highly skilled, trusted leader in the online marketing niche. I trust him deeply. I believe in him. I endorse him heartily. One simple guest post offer and he kindly, generously takes me up on my offer. We both benefit, promoting each other’s success.

Meanwhile, 1000’s of bloggers struggling, failing and slamming into blogging problems have no trusted blogging buddies to ask for help in their time of need or any time.

Now is when they desperately need friends but since they did not have the wisdom, foresight, vision and success consciousness to begin building their blogger buddy network years ago, they are in trouble now. This is why following advice offered by heart-centered professional bloggers is critical. Ignoring their counsel leads to failure. Following their advice generously, patiently and persistently leads to success.

Little Problems Become Big Emergencies for Lone Wolf Bloggers

Refusing to network and trying to do everything solo turns little problems into big emergencies. Imagine struggling to drive traffic and profits as a lone wolf blogger who refuses to network. A connected blogger with a large, loyal network boosts traffic and profits fast via a few pitches, invites and offers. But lone wolf bloggers have no trusted, loyal, pro bloggers to pitch, invite or offer anything.

The seemingly small blogging problem becomes a big emergency as 100’s of pro bloggers ignore your blind, cold guest post email pitches over the next 3 months. As you resist networking, things get worse and worse. Profits sit at 0. Traffic dwindles.

Eventually, like most bloggers, you quit blogging.

Imagine if you generously, genuinely built your loyal blogger buddy network years before you needed your community? Your little blogging problems dissolve instantly into the love, generosity and abundance of your successful blogger buddy network, all via a few simple asks on your part.

Network before you need blogging buddies.


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