A case study with Workshop Graphics head honcho, Darryl Blom.

Darryl Blom is a pretty cool dude.  Super creative, easy to talk to, and willing to give things a go in that typical “I’ll figure it out” Kiwi way.

As a business person interested in growing his businesses, he’s a pleasure to work with.  

He’s prepared to try things out, see what happens, and then apply his own creative thinking along the way.

Our team has really enjoyed working with Darryl and his team.

We’ll run through some of the things that we’ve been working on, and your job is to see if you can apply any of this thinking to your own business.

As you can see from the image below, we are talking about a visual product… making peoples dirt bikes look awesome:

From the outset, the mix of marketing for a brand like this needs to focus on the visual element so bike geeks can sit there and visualise their next ride, dodge work for a while and dream of the dirt……

So key elements are focussed on the brand storytelling across social media, getting quick win search results with a mix of SEO, Ads, and Google My Business positioning, and then repeat business with email communication.

At times, we’ve focussed on some, at times we’ve done all, depending on what the current goals of the business are.

Probably our FAVOURITE idea that Darryl and the team rolled out was a colouring in competition.

People would visit the website, download the colour in poster, and then submit via Facebook.  It was a HUGE win for page growth and engagement.

See this example here:

We call this “user generated content”, and it works wonderfully well when done properly. 

On this occasion, you get parents submitting the work, the family all log onto the Facebook page often for the first time, and comment on the posters that are relevant to them.

Huge engagement and growth for the page.  Of course, some time after the winner of the contest is drawn, an offer goes onto those posts with discounts and opportunities to get people onto email lists. 

It was great fun watching that roll out!

Workshop Graphics also do an amazing job connecting with the bike community via sponsorship, events, and generally building their Facebook page into a community hub for people who love what they do.

A weekly strategy with a page like this, is to get people to submit action shots, or shots from their weekend activities.  

Finding ways to get people to submit shots onto your page will generally work, if you can grow a conversation on that page around those shots, even better!

For Workshop Graphics, the game really is finding where their ideal people are, and getting in front of them as often as possible.  

Google Ads are a strategy that works well; building the Google My Business content is certainly a big part of the strategy, SEO is a constant, but for us the next challenge is to further embed all clients as repeat clients, and loyal brand ambassadors… can you apply that to your business?  

Can you, once you have FOUND your tribe, turn them into a fiercely loyal tribe of repeat customers, and brand ambassadors?

Part of being able to achieve this is to think like Darryl Blom thinks – be open to new ideas, give things a go and test the results, and apply a good dose of creative thinking along the way!