Yep.  I do.

I often wonder how I got so hooked on their stuff, when as we all probably know, it’s not really that different to the other tech offerings out there.

Or is it?

Is THIS, the greatest phone ever?

I really don’t know, but I reckon it’s the most expensive.

What I do know, is that through carefully managed marketing campaigns, for many years, I believe Apple products to be quality, and to be innovative, and they certainly stand out as a premium product.

I think, and you can debate this with me if you like, that we have been exposed to one of the greatest marketing companies of all time….

Stand out!!

That’s what it’s all about.

There is a lot of stimuli out there, and if we just merge in, we’ll get lost….

Is this guy, the greatest Marketeer of all time?


I’m a fan of the late, great, Steve Jobs.  Obsessed, innovative, and could tell a great story.  That’s key to it all right there, could tell a great story.


Is your business different from your competition?


Don’t say customer service….unless you have loads of testimonials on your website and elsewhere saying so, from actual customers, it’s not your customer service that sets you apart.

What do people, when you are not around, actually say about your business?

Do you know?

I reckon you should try and find out.


Back to customer service… aiming for amazing customer service most certainly will help your business, people love to talk to each other and word of mouth referrals are an amazingly powerful business builder – Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews stating how great your company are …. That’s gravy…. That’s the stuff you want…

BUT – is your business different and what do people say about it?

You should seek feedback, seek reviews, talk to people, do the odd mystery shopper mission into your business.  

How can you stand out though?

You want to be different, in a good way, from your competition.  Different is good.  

For example – your car is needing attention, and you find locally a general mechanic (most of them are general) but you also find a BMW mechanic, and you happen to have a BMW.  Pretty sure you’ll go to the BMW person.  If you have a friend who also has a BMW, that referred you, then your decision is pretty much made.

Imagine though, if the BMW mechanic also cleaned and polished every car that came through.  Imagine if when you went to their website, a pop-up box offered you a $50 voucher for their business JUST for putting your email address into the pop-up box.  

Imagine if once a month, they gave away a full service and car detail JUST for sharing their Facebook link with 2 other BMW owning friends….

Get my drift?  That BMW mechanic would STAND OUT and pretty soon, every BMW in the area, and probably quite a few from a long way away, would be using that business.

In 2017 – I talked to many business owners about growth, marketing, and how to drive more leads and sales into their business.

The strategy we employed for each business was different, but the results for all of them were that they started the process of standing out from their crowd, and looking more exciting and welcoming to new clients.

I also noticed that lots of businesses really do not stand out at all.  Often I’ll come across a business that is really just trying to do whatever their competition is doing, and in some cases are quite resistant to change.

Heck – I’ve even heard business owners say  “that’s not what we do in our industry”

My reply to that one is always “why not?”


Innovation – why not?  What’s the worst that can happen?  

Usually, the ideas that work and yield the highest results, don’t actually cost much money.  The highest return on investment I’m seeing is usually around content marketing, which is the creation of interesting content that your ideal customers will appreciate.

Eg – back to the mechanic.  We could do:

A Facebook Live video once per week explaining how to maintain their BMW – cost = $0

A series of YouTube videos that show features and tips and tricks to keep your BMW operating at full capacity.  Cost = time and possibly some editing by a pro.

A monthly email newsletter that gives out a whole stack of advice, tips, reviews of new cars etc, to help keep local BMW owners feeling special and loved.

Regular BLOG articles, linked in via Facebook and onto the company website, with checklists and advice.

All of these ideas would be aiming at getting people onto the company website, where they’ll see the email pop-up for the $50 voucher, so that they are then on the email newsletter.  Once on that, the mechanic could offer a free safety check for their vehicle, a short, 7 point safety check done in store obviously, at which point the mechanic could offer a service and any other work required.

See how that works?

You’d spend a little money upfront on the safety check time, the voucher too, but after that if you maintained that amazing level of service, you’d never lose a customer.  


What I DID find last year with clients was that companies that actually gave away information and free advice – gained far more clients than companies that were not willing to give away to build clientele.

Service business will understand this.  A tiny upfront investment for a long term customer, it’s a no brainer.

Product businesses?  You can do it too.

Get that email list growing.  Give out tips, reviews, Facebook Lives of product openings, giveaways, contests.

Give up a hefty voucher, get them on your list.  Then send out really cool, engaging emails, that are interesting and provide value to your customer.  Make that email something that the customer will want to share.  Put in incentives to share the email.

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In the next few weeks, I’m going to write about other really innovative marketing people, and how they have impacted on business.  I’ve got a few names in mind… Let me know if any of these names are familiar:

Seth Godin

Noah Kagen

Jay Abraham

John Dwyer (not likely that you know John, but he’s got a really cool system that I like)

Neil Patel

Chet Holmes (okay, this guy is a sales legend, but he’s epic)


Okay, it’s been great talking.  Let’s chat soon about how to get more Traffic, Leads, and Sales in your business.

Corey Hinde – The Good Oil Chief Marketeer

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