Good Oil Marketing Club

Our whole marketing team, helping you out, for a super low monthly fee.

Let me tell you a quick story.

When we started our Marketing Business, we knew straight away that small businesses had nobody to turn to when they needed marketing help – a team they could rely on for help, coaching, and community.

There are literally thousands of small businesses in New Zealand, with the desire to grow, but not enough spare cash in the bank to pay thousands per month for marketing.


BUT – the problem remained… small business owners wanted access to help and expertise, without having to spend thousands per month to get it.

We got thinking.

Imagine if there was a “club” type of environment, where you could access various types of marketing professionals, to ensure that you didn’t make common mistakes… you could learn inside secrets… you had support and advice… you had other business owners to network with.


After a few attempts, we settled on a new, super low cost offer, that was based on a Club style set up.

In this Club… members would get support from our entire team.

They would be able to ask us anything, at any time.

For some reason, people liked the look of this straight away.

We all hate wasting time right?  We like to do things ourselves, but we like to be able to call on experts as soon as things get messy or we need some help.

We added in a monthly masterclass.  Each month, we’ll have a masterclass to ensure members learn and grow, at all times.

We added in weekly challenges.  Every week, the Club gets a challenge to complete that will help them reach even more people.  It might be related to getting reviews, or sharing Facebook pages in groups, or running contests to build your page up.

We really believe that the solution here is perfect for small business.  We believe in it so much that we’ve managed to keep the starting price at $59 per month + gst.

Looking at other marketing businesses and the results they get for clients, we truly believe this deal is worth around $300 per month, but we are passionate about small business, we want to keep it affordable, and we know the Club will grow so we’ll be able to fund it at that price.

Happy results, happy people.

Check out kudos from some happy marketing clients of ours…. We get results for people!
A few months ago I attended a marketing presentation at Chamber of commerce given by Corey which was one of the best i’ve been too, and i’ve been to quite a few!  Since then I have been a part of his facebook group where he posts heaps of useful tips and tricks for digital marketing and other marketing stuff. Thanks heaps for all your info Corey!! Jo Tricker

Corey really knows his business. And he offers options from community to professional. Great progress made thus far, even during baby steps time. Much appreciated! Melissa Winn

Since working with Good Oil Marketing, my internet presence has improved, my content is better and the traffic is more efficient.  Very patient person to work with, happy to break things down in normal jargon. Fantastic impact!! Highly recommend! Sue Hunter

Outstanding technical and marketing knowledge. Incredibly cost effective and the perfect solution for the small business owner who doesn’t have their own dedicated marketing manager. Highly recommend! Vivianne Bryant

As you can see (and please feel free to check out our Facebook page for more great reviews), we deliver results, and we are always there to help.  

Don’t delay signing up… we build this model on a low start up cost because we know you’ll be with us for a long time.  It’s actually a risky business model for us to take, because you aren’t taking any risk at all! There is no contract, no minimum term – the risk just isn’t there!

Invest in your business…

Expert help

Ask our team of marketing experts anything, at any time.

Answers to your questions

Not sure how to target the right people with your Facebook Ad or Google Ad?  Ask us, we’ll help!

Better results

We’ll help coach you to success.  You’ll be part of our squad of business owners.

On hand marketing team

It’s like having a marketing team, in your business, on hand at all times to ensure you are doing the right things for your business at all times.  You get access to top quality expertise, for a very low monthly fee.

Top advice

Access to coaching advice from Corey Hinde.  Successfully started, sold, purchased, and built several businesses.  I’m here to help you along the way with strategic, targeted advice.

Membership Group


You’ll be part of a large group of fellow business owners, who support each other, and help each other where possible.


Weekly training and coaching.  The Good Oil Team are in the group regularly teaching members new skills and helping to enhance your existing skills.


Our team, and members, will push your social media content as much as possible.  This will include, where practical – likes and comments in an appropriate fashion to ensure your posts and social media content gets traction.


You’ll be able to participate in our weekly challenges – these are targeted tasks that help your business grow.  They are fun, and they help you to stay focussed on business growth activities.


You’ll have access to tools and templates to help grow your business.



Each week, our team will perform checks on members social media, websites etc to ensure there are no errors being made, or obvious areas of weakness to improve upon.  


From time to time,  other members or friends of the business will give you access to special deals.  This alone is worth the cost of the membership! As an example, in July 2018 our Videographer had a special deal on video production that saw his usual price cut in half for high quality video work!

Affordable rate

If you DO need to engage our team for client work (hour by hour work), you’ll get the work done for way less than the usual rate.  Comes in handy if you need some website work done, editing, or content creation.


If you are not happy, or are not experiencing business growth at any time, we’ll happily cancel your membership, and refund all money paid at your request.  No questions asked, no hard feelings. We are passionate about seeing you succeed!

Join the club

Never feel lost when it comes to growing your business again! Supercharge your business growth with access to proven marketers, 24/7.