Digital Stack Review

The idea here is that we can assess your current “Digital Stack”, and provide feedback and focal points.

Digital Stack refers to the various Digital Assets that you own,  that lead people to your business.

Typically, we’ll review the following:

  • Your website (speed, SEO, technical elements)
  • The messaging and clarity of your website.
  • LinkedIn account
  • Instagram account
  • Facebook Page / Group
  • Google My Business
  • Email list
  • Blog

We can spend time looking at any other digital assets that are important to your business too.

The MAIN reason people get this done is because we are unbiased, we’ll provide feedback AND recommendations on what to do next.  

This can save businesses a lot of time and money – and give some great focal points for the work to come.

This is priced at only $179 because we genuinely want small business owners to have access to quality information.

Once you hit BUY NOW – you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire…. Please follow the instructions closely…. We usually have the DSR’s completed within 3-4 days of receiving payment.