Facebook Page Management

Interact with and grow your community of loyal followers.

1) Why?

Your customers are on Facebook a lot.

You are very busy running your business.

Your Facebook page is another ‘thing’ that adds to your workload.

Run professionally, Facebook can become a key part of your business growth and communication strategy.

Customers expect high level Facebook pages linked to businesses.  Outsource it to us, we’ll do it well, and save you time as well. 

2) Getting Started

Once The Good Oil is engaged to manage your page, a few things will happen to help us get a complete strategy in place.

Start up process is:

[ ] Day 1:  Complete Payment.  Within 24 hours you will be assigned a consultant to manage your page. 

[ ]  Day 2 – 3:  Consultant, yourself, and head of Social @ The Good Oil, will have a 3 way discussion via Facebook Messenger to establish key outcomes required for your page, learn about the background of your business and page, and do research on your business as well as that of your competition.

[ ]  Day 3-7:  Consultant will map out a content plan for the page, and establish a DropBox account so that yourself and any key staff can add content that might be useful.  This may include short videos, articles, images, links to content etc. 

[ ]  Day 7:  Consultant, yourself, and head of Social @ The Good Oil have another 3 way discussion to review content plan.

[ ]  Then we start!  

[ ]  Bonus – your business also gets to join our Good Oil Marketing Club.  This is a Marketing Helpdesk, hosted inside a closed Facebook Group, that allows you and your staff to communicate with our complete team, for anything marketing related, at any time.  Members of this group are also entitled to phone contact with head of marketing Corey Hinde once per month for a coaching or advisory call.  

3) Key outcomes from professional page management

Things we’ve noticed when a Facebook page is managed professionally:

  • Higher page engagement.  More comments, shares, likes.  
  • More communication coming into the business, via all mechanisms.  Email, phone, foot traffic.
  • Faster email list growth.
  • More leads.
  • Higher quality leads (leads that turn into customers)
  • More revenue and business growth.

Doesn’t that sound great!  

4) What we’ll actually DO for you

At least 3 Facebook posts per week.  These will be relevant, engaging, and on point for your brand.  A dropbox account or similar will be established so that yourself or key staff can add content, videos, pictures etc that we can use.

Your page will be checked at least twice per day.  We’ll ensure that comments are replied to, post likers are invited to like the page, no damaging comments or behaviour appears, and messages are attended to in a timely fashion.   

Your page data (insights) will be reviewed weekly.  We’ll ensure that best practice is being adhered to, so that your page gives your brand the results it deserves.  If any data is ever problematic, we’ll escalate that and discuss it with you, as well as our entire team, bringing a lot of expertise to the account. 

Brand extension.  This is a process where your page likes and comments on relevant content on Facebook, growing the reach of your brand even more.  Our team of consultants and clients will all put your page on their list of pages to follow as well.  This helps more than you can imagine.  We notice that when we apply this process to a page, engagement lifts which equals more customers for you. 

Facebook updates.  Your page will be managed by a professional, so when Facebook makes changes (typically every month there are significant changes to the Facebook algorithm), your page is managed suitably.  Our team meets and discusses these changes weekly, so that our clients all have best practice in place. 

5) Facebook Ads / Paid Campaigns

If you do want to invest more heavily into your page, and run paid traffic (Facebook ads, sales funnels built etc), you’ll get a reduced rate for that service. 

Over time, we recommend this path as customer acquisition using paid traffic through Facebook is still very cost effective compared to other forms of paid marketing, and it’s very easy to track your return on investment.

6) Troubleshooting

Your consultant is available at all times via Facebook Messenger to answer any queries.  We aim to reply to any queries within 1 hour unless out of office hours.

The Good Oil also has a Marketing Club (mentioned above) that is a closed Facebook Group, where our whole team is available to help with any marketing queries, as well as other business owners as well.

Head of Marketing Corey Hinde is also available during business hours on his cell phone, which you’ll have access to upon request. 

Get a professional managing your Facebook Page now!

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