HEY! Kiwi Business Owner – get FREE customers using “Internet Marketing”

You are SICK and TIRED of being hammered by internet marketers promising free stuff that turns into a pitch fest and SPAM WORLD…

This page is here to give you FREE help – there is literally NOTHING you can buy here…

BEFORE YOU READ ON…. please be aware that this page is for Kiwi and Aussie business owners only… we are totally OVER and OUT with that American style stuff….

EXPLAINER – why would we give this stuff away? What’s in it for us??

We know, that by giving away free stuff, we help lots of people, and our brand grows. The more people who get our courses, the better for our brand in the LONG RUN… hence why it’s all free of charge

Anyway – we don’t want you to waste any more money. We HATE it when we hear of people investing in Internet Marketing and getting no results.. it’s bad for us when that happens, so we want to stop it!

The solution to your Internet Marketing problems is here… grab our free courses, and join our free Facebook group, so you can learn how to do this stuff yourself!

Myself, Corey Hinde and the Good Oil Marketing team have many years of Internet Marketing experience, with Kiwi and Aussie businesses, we have helped loads and loads of businesses to grow, without spending big bucks..

First FREE course – “How to get referrals – people recommending YOUR business to others“:

Grab the REFERRAL course HERE

Second FREE Course – “How to grow your Facebook Marketing

Grab the Facebook Course HERE

Third FREE thing – our Facebook Group – “Digital Marketing for Rookies”

Digital Marketing for Rookies

Your next steps….

  1. Grab the resources above. Do the work.
  2. If you need to ask myself OR the team ANYTHING at all about the content, head into Digital Marketing for Rookies, and ask us in there.

That really is it. No sales pitch, no sneaky sign ups to anything, just join that group and get stuck in. The team will be excited to meet you!

Corey Hinde

Photo by Jamie Troughton/Dscribe Media Services

PS – I think you should also check out this YouTube video.. it’s me talking you through how to use Content Marketing to get even MORE free customers from the internet… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW1kvcIEjU8

PPS – don’t forget to join our Digital Marketing for Rookies group… a rare Kiwi only internet marketing group!