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Marketing Inner Circle


Let’s face it… Marketing can make or break a business.


The team at Good Oil Marketing want to help you out.


What does the Marketing Inner Circle give you?


Courses and How To guides. 

We publish courses regularly.  You get these for free at all times as part of this membership.  This ensures that you learn how to get more leads and exposure for your business, with our help, using best practices and not wasting time on activities that don’t work.  


As you work through the courses, our team is available to help you implement the actions and lessons – so that you turn all of your “digital assets”, into marketing machines for your business. 

For example… in early 2020 one of our members worked through our {START HERE} guide inside our Inner Circle group, and generated over $3000 worth of work / bookings from ONE of our email  templates we use.  He then used that template as part of his standard operating procedures in his business, and is growing his business like a weed!!  The leads just keep coming into his inbox!


Marketing Support. 

There is no other marketing agency in New Zealand or Australia offering this level of support for a low fee.  Our team of marketing engineers are inside the group every day, providing support for your business.  You can email or message founder Corey Hinde directly at any time, and get a personal reply.  This gives you support, accountability, and ensures that you constantly IMPLEMENT so your business gets better and better at gaining leads and exposure. 

Marketing Tools and Reports. 

Our members get our amazing Google My Business Rocket Pack – a reporting tool that allows you to target and beat your opposition.  Members also get our SEO Booster – a tool that helps your Google Ranking improve over time.  We are adding new tools and reports regularly as well – these are all included as part of your monthly fee.


Need some advice around your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile?  We’ve got you. Need some tips on how to get more website visitors to customers?  We’ve got you covered. Need help setting up an email template or writing better copy that converts to more customers?  Yep.  


Networking and Community.  

When people pay to join something, they engage, they help, they contribute.  Be part of a winning team.

You are able to talk, in real time, to our team at any time about your business! 

The value here to YOUR business, is simply immense!


The monthly fee is only $49 NZD per month + GST. 



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