“Nobody wins in business alone”

That’s the core belief of our Marketing Membership. 

You are likely GREAT at what you do, but the marketing side of things is overwhelming and hard…. 

Let’s face it… let’s be real here…. Marketing can make or break a business.

Is McDonalds the best hamburger on the planet?  Heck NO!

Coca Cola is virtually a cleaning product… but its the number one drink on the planet….

Marketing will make or break your business.  The end. 

The team at Good Oil Marketing want to help you out with this Marketing Membership Group.

You might have seen us inside our free Facebook Group, “Digital Marketing for Rookies”.  We are now opening up limited spaces inside the membership group… this is what you’ll find:

>> Monthly Marketing Challenges.  Marketing is work, and sometimes business owners let time go buy without doing the things they should be doing.  We implement challenges regularly, that have direct outcomes.  

We teach you the skills required, we make it easy to follow, so that you have a leg up on your competition.  

>> Marketing Support.  There is no other marketing agency in New Zealand or Australia offering this level of support for a low fee.  Our team of marketing engineers are inside the group every day, providing support for your business.

Need some advice around your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile?  We’ve got you. Need some tips on how to get more website visitors to customers?  We’ve got you covered. Need help setting up an email template or writing better copy that converts to more customers?  Yep.  

>> Courses and How To guides.  We publish courses regularly.  They are usually hosted in Teachable (online learning platform), and have a fee attached to them.  You get these for free at all times as part of this membership. 

>> Networking and Community.  When people pay to join something, they engage, they help, they contribute.  Be part of a winning team.

The monthly fee is only $99 NZD per month + gst and is only available via credit card as a recurring fee.

Thanks and we’ll see you on the inside!

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