More Leads Program

We will get you MORE customers… that’s our simple promise.

You just want leads and customers, not empty promises from your marketing.

We get it.

You are not the first client to have been burned, let down, lied to, and left feeling stupid and/or angry.

You want results, and you want them without all the BS…

Welcome…we have these conversations with business owners every single day.

We started this agency specifically for small Kiwi businesses, who were not getting the results they wanted, from bigger agencies who quite frankly, were not able to help small businesses in the first place.

STOP PRESS >> just to clarify.. We are talking about Google Ads, Facebook, Website, SEO, all that stuff that you know you should do, but can’t quite master yourself.

No other agency can offer what we offer, for the price we offer it.

You will get more results and customers from your program with us, than what you would get from a full time Marketing Manager, for around 15-20% of the price!

That’s our promise!

How is this program priced so low?

Our team is all external, working from home or wherever their lifestyle takes them. Founder Corey Hinde has assembled a great team of marketers to help YOUR business, and we don’t need to lease a big office to house them, so the savings are passed on to you!

Okay – what’s involved….

Your More Leads Program is carefully constructed with one goal in mind – get you More Leads and Customers.

Everything we do is geared around that.


After our team has a conversation with you about your business, your goals, your current marketing, and the barriers you’ve had in the past, we’ll put a plan together.

We’ll talk you through it so you understand every step, and why it’s important.

Generally speaking… most of our More Leads Program clients will have a program that includes the following:

A Dedicated Landing Page

What is this?

This is kind of like a mini website, a one page site, that only has ONE objective and that is to get the lead (person) to do something.

Eg – ring this number. Download this voucher.

The landing page is written with this one goal in mind and there is nothing else on that page to distract them.

The landing page is also built with all the geeky tech stuff behind it so that when the time is right, we can send ads and offers back to people who visited that page via Google Ads and or Facebook.

You know… you check out a site one day, then the next day that site is on your computer again… or in your Facebook feed.

The landing page helps us in many ways, bottom line for you is that the landing page enhances conversion rate, and then we can track the leads down again later on.

In short, landing pages rock. Sending traffic (internet searchers) to a normal website is nowhere near as effective.

Paid Traffic

What is this? Think – Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Once we have a landing page up and running for you, with an offer that people will like and accept, we need to find people to visit that page.

This is where the magic really is.

Finding your perfect clients online, and sending them to that landing page.

Paid traffic is very cheap compared to the old days of radio and TV advertising, and it’s totally targeted (we don’t send ads to people who are not likely to use you).

Paid traffic is also awesome because we can show you a return on investment… not like in the radio days where is was spray and pray… with Google for example we can show you exactly how many dollars it cost to acquire a customer.

SEO Booster

What is this?

All of our customers get this done for them… one of our geeks will take your business information and ensure its all listed on all the directories that are relevant.

For example Google My Business, Yellow, Localist, Yelp etc.


These listings in themselves might not yield you any customers – BUT – being listed on these pages helps Google to rank you more highly. This is GOLD for a business owner…

As we say in digital marketing “what’s the best place to hide a dead body? On page 2 of Google.. Nobody is looking there”

This SEO BOOSTER gives your business a great boost up the rankings, which is always good.

SEO Manage

What is this?

We feel so strongly about SEO (getting found on Google) that we insist that all clients include this service.

Our team will constantly monitor your website to ensure all the necessary factors are in play to make sure your website is as high on Google as it can possibly be.

Bonus Marketing Department

What is this?

We have a highly engaged, very helpful team of marketing professionals, on hand at all times, to assist you with anything. Every client of ours is treated like gold.

We have training sessions in our Facebook group.

Clients can reach out to founder Corey Hinde or any other team member for help at any time. We’ll go the extra mile.

Our client Facebook group in itself is worth big money to be a part of. The clients are just like you – highly motivated business people who want to win. We help each other, we support each other. Its something we are all very proud of.

PS – we believe in our service so much that we do not do “contracts”. We are month to month; if you are ever unhappy, you just don’t pay.

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