New Mortgage Clients – zero ad spend, no networking required!

Are you a mortgage broker who is sick of the marketing grind and would just LOVE clients contacting YOU, rather than you constantly hustling?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, email, BNI’s, constantly , selling, , pushing, lurking in Facebook groups…. I’ll bet that in your heart, you know there is a better way to get new clients.  


100% there IS a better way, and it’s going to change how you do business.  

It’s called the “Mortgage Lead System (MLS)”, and it’s going to get you new, highly qualified, ready to lend clients, with no ad spend and no networking.

To cut a long story short, the MLS will use digital marketing techniques, adapted specifically for the Kiwi market, to ensure that you get the free leads from the internet, that you currently are losing to your competition.  

There is nothing simple about this system. Corey Hinde will be working hard on your business for you, across a wide variety of tasks, to build your lead generation system for you.  Once cranking, it’ll be like Christmas every day…. The gift that keeps on giving.  

Who is Corey Hinde?  I’m a leading Kiwi digital marketer, who has been assisting clients for 5 years with their digital marketing, after previously building and selling multiple businesses. 

The MLS is a culmination of all of these years of testing, implementing, and getting clients for people – without ad spend and without face to face networking.  Once myself and the team get working, your worries of “where is that next client coming from?”, will be over.  

How does this system work for you?

On day 1, myself and the team will audit your online / internet existence, and map out what needs doing.  Throughout the next 2 weeks, we start working the MLS into your digital footprint, ensuring that your “internet presence” is ready.  

If you really want to know, we’ll be using a combination of Search Engine Optimisation, social media marketing, referral generation, email communication, Google My Business, content marketing, and copywriting. 

What happens next?  In month 1, we are working and starting the processes going.  It’s in month 2 that we generally expect to see leads coming through, and from month 3 onwards, the floodgates open.  We ask clients to commit to a minimum of 3 months, because good things take a little time, but after that, if you are not happy, you are free to leave (you won’t), and take all of your previous investment with you as well!  

Yep – a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

How is this better than what you have seen before?  We’ll be using a unique combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AND copywriting (words that sell), so that the work we do for you, lasts forever.  You’ll benefit from this from here on in, as compared to paid ad campaigns that stop the second you turn off the money machine.  

Need some proof of our results?  Check out some feedback… we have plenty more to view on both Google My Business and Facebook:


If you act now and sign up to one of our spaces (we are only offering 5 of these packages across all of New Zealand so that we don’t compete against ourselves), we’ll throw in 2 awesome bonuses:

  1. You’ll get a feature article on our blog.  This will link back to your website, and provide you with some much needed “google juice”.  This is a proven way to increase traffic to your website. 

The article will be written for you.  No work from you required at all.  

  1. You’ll also get a special ad placement, free of charge, in our weekly email newsletter.  This is a targeted email that goes out to nearly 1000 Kiwi business owners; you can almost guarantee that someone who gets that newsletter is in the market for a mortgage broker.  Our usual fee for a sponsored post in that newsletter is $500 – you’ll get it free.  No work required from you, we’ll prepare the whole thing. 

We’ll jump on a quick phone call, I’ll need to run you through 3 quick questions to ensure you qualify, and then once that is done I’ll raise the invoice for just the first month, and we’ll get into the work! 

So – are you ready to come with me into the world of free leads, or would you rather do nothing and get the same results you are currently getting?

Book your call right here – right now – let’s talk…..