Business Growth Coaching with Corey Hinde

$399.00 / month

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Why Engage with a Coach?

For one reason only – it’s a proven way to improve your results.

Based on 2 key things… 1) accountability and 2) direction.

You probably don’t need or want groups, webinars, things to do, more resources etc etc etc…..

Most people, to grow their business, simply need someone to help them stay on the right path (direction) and to be accountable to a plan that will work. 

Here is how it looks:

  • We set up a 1 year plan with goals, 3 max.  This will be housed on our Growth Dashboard.  
  • We figure out the actions required to make that happen


  • Every week you email me with 3 key things:
  1. What did you do this week?
  2. What are you doing next week?
  3. Any problems or issues or questions? 


Once per week you email the summary on a Friday, and then I reply on a Monday or Tuesday, and we keep that conversation going.  

Nice and simple, it keeps you accountable, and also gives you direction.

The fee for this is $399 per month, with a handshake agreement that it’s a year long commitment.

At the end of year 1, I’ll decide whether you still need me or not.  Easy.