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$599.00 / month

👉 Rank up the top of Google VIA the Google Business Profile booster method


🔔Google – the most popular website in the world🔔


So it makes sense to get your business up the top of Google right?

👉 We’ll get your business on page 1 of Google, right up the very top, using the Google Local Package.  

You’ll get more calls and business growth directly from Google – the most visited website in the world!

People use Google multiple times per day – if you aren’t doing all you can to appear on Google, you are handing customers directly to your competition.

That’s a Google Business Profile – formerly known as Google My Business – listing in the image above.

Most of our work focuses on that, because it’s the most prominent part of Google search now for most businesses.

👉 Google Business Profile is extremely cost effective.

We’ve tested this over and over again.

Google Business Profile outperforms:


❌ Google Ads

❌ Facebook Ads

❌ Social Media Marketing

Simply put, putting time and effort into your Google Business Profile is a no-brainer if you are a local business serving a defined area.

Remember – everyone uses Google to find businesses, and this is by far the easiest way to get up to the top of page 1, and be in front of your ideal customers.


👉  Let’s cut to the chase

✔️  We’ll use our system to get your business right up to the top of Google.

✔️  Our system is a combination of 3 things.  1) Work on your Google Business Profile  2) Links to your website and Google Business Profile  3) Technical and on-site improvements on your website, so it’s ready to appeal to Google.  We’ve never seen another agency do all 3 of these, for one low price.  YES – this package will also improve your Organic SEO results as well!

✔️  You’ll stop losing leads and business to your competition, within 3 months.

✔️  This will be the easiest, cheapest way to grow your business if you operate in a local or defined area.

✔️   We won’t even lock you into a contract, we know this works.  

✔️   Investment: $599 + gst for NZ Based businesses, $380 USD for non-NZ based businesses (per month).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you actually do each month in this package?

Work on your actual listing (eg updates, replying to reviews, optimizing the service descriptions, building in questions and answers to the 3 key areas they are needed, working on service and categorie listings to ensure correct based on competitors strategies, upload images, check listings 3 times per week to ensure Google hasn’t altered them in an undesirable way)

Work on your website (where needed, we’ll make edits to your website to ensure nothing is holding it back from ranking well, we’ll also “localize” your website so that Google knows which area you want to be prominent in)

OffPage work (this refers to links and tools that link back to your Website AND your Google Business Profile URL as well.  These links give Google strong signals, and help the GBP listing improve, AS WELL as helping your main website rank better locally as well)

How long does it take before I can see results?

There is no perfect answer here, because a lot of your results are based on how good your local competition is, and how competitive your niche is overall.  Generally, we find that GBP listings will rank higher and start to produce measureable results within 2-6 months.  Yes, the variance is huge.  We apply best practice, we work constantly, and eventually, you’ll get results.

What reporting do you provide?

We don’t start any reporting until the 2 month mark.  At that point we’ll provide you with keyword results from Mangools, our keyword tracking software, as well as Google Business Profile data (you can also access this anytime), and Google Search Console data as well (you can also access this at any time as well).

We will shoot loom videos as the reporting format, as we find clients enjoy this and understand it more easily than a tech heavy written report.

You can also request updates at any time.

Do you also do normal organic SEO on websites?

Not at the moment.  We do however find that our Google Local package (this one), helps improve normal organic SEO results as well due to the technical work performed on the site, and the offpage work (backlinks etc) as well.





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