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Did you know that most Shopify store owners, through no fault of their own, make their site slower and less appealing to Google the more they work on their site?

To compete with bigger brands on Google, you need to use a dedicated SEO for Shopify expert, to accelerate your results, rather than decelerate your results.

This low cost, high impact package gets you:

► SEO review of your store – we’ll fix the common problems we see that stop your site ranking as well as it could on Google.

► SEO best practices applied to your entire store – this ensures your store appeals to Google.

► Your images will be optimised so that they help Google rank you higher for your products.

► Your homepage will be analysed and improved so that Google recognises it for the correct keywords, not the wrong keywords as is often the case.

► You’ll get up to 5 pages, and up to 10 products fully optimised for Google so that you entire site, and individual products are picked up by Google for the keywords and Google searches you want.

► Simply click on the orange “Add to Cart” button above, book the job, and we’ll organise a log in to your site, and have the work completed within 7 days.


Your shopify site will stand the maximum chance possible at ranking as high as possible on Google, and getting you the business results you deserve!


SEO for Shopify - speed test result

a speed test increase from a recent shopify upgrade – more than halved the load times – a significant result that Google loves!