Boost Your Online Marketing


 This course will help you grow your business using digital marketing.  It’s a step by step course, WITH a coach to help you along the way. 

Boost Your Online Marketing


Perfect for:  Kiwi small / medium business owners who want to grow their business in 2020.  

We can help you

Over the course of only one month, we are going to help you use digital marketing, to grow your business, without wasting money on any advertising! 

This is an online course, made up of tasks and training, with our team of digital marketers to guide you every step of the way.


➩ Our team will be on hand to guide you.  All those nagging marketing problems you’ve been unable to crack…. bring them on!  Be one of those businesses that easily attracts new clients, without spending big money on advertising!

➩ You’ll be around other motivated Kiwi Business Owners, all helping each other grow.    

➩ You’ll learn how to use Facebook, LinkdedIn, Google My Business and more to easily grow your business. 


You’ll also be challenged to create content through the course, so that you can see what actually resonates with your ideal target market, so at the end of the month you’ve learned how to connect with the right people, to help grow your business.

You’ll have learned a LOT about digital marketing, so you can continue on after the month is done.

You’ll also have networked with likeminded business owners, and formed alliances that could take your whole business future to the next level…

You may or may not know that our usual marketing packages all cost a lot more money than this one – we are doing this to help small business owners get some quick business growth. 


What happens next?

ONE – go to the top of this page and pay the $150 registration fee. See the REGISTER button.  

TWO –  join our Facebook group where we’ll be hosting the course.  HERE is that link:

THREE – await further instructions – this initial course starts on February 5th 2020.  


Please DO NOT Register if:

> You don’t have time to access the Facebook group every couple of days to do the tasks.

> You aren’t keen to challenge yourself and your present assumptions about digital marketing.

> You don’t want to help others grow.

We’d love to help as many people as possible, so please come in and DO THE WORK, your business will GROW!  


Corey Hinde

Marketing Coach who heads up an international team of marketers, based in Tauranga!