Are you a Tradie keen to GROW your business?

Are you ambitious, know your business can serve you much better, but have too much work on to do anything about it?

Come to Tradie Torque (Tauranga)- designed just for Trade Businesses, and learn:

➩ Why most trades businesses are caught in the “downward spiral of death” – and how to fix it

➩ How to quickly and easily generate High Quality Leads using Google

➩ How to lock in future profitability even in tough times
➩ The first strategy we use to dramatically increase profitability and frees up time – workbook included

Over the course of 90 minutes, you’ll hear from Mike Green (Business Improvement Specialist), and Corey Hinde (Small Business Marketing Expert), and you’ll walk away with simple ideas you can implement straight away, that will improve your business instantly.


Works with business owners to implement simple strategies that unlock hidden profits and remove the roadblocks to success so business owners can live the life they originally signed up for! Mike has been doing this with business owners for over 20 years!


Works with small business owners to find more leads, get more customers, and unlock the confusing world of online / digital marketing. Facebook, Google, Email, you’ll learn the most effective ways to use these for your business

Here are some questions that you’ll find answers to:

➩ “What are the 3 major trends that will transform the trades environment in the next 5 years – and how do I profit from them?”
➩ “How do I increase my sales and profits even if a slow down or recession shows up?”

➩ “How can I get more leads from Google, without paying big money for Ads?”

➩ “How can I easily get higher profit margins, and better quality jobs in my Trades business?”

➩ “How can a Trades business like mine use Facebook to get more top quality customers?”

Both Corey and Mike have personally helped hundreds of small business owners over 20 years create their ideal business and they will be sharing some simple easy to implement ‘insider tips’ on how to seriously crank up your results.

Mike Green

Delivering the 4 futures of your business, and how you can steer your business down the ideal path.

Corey Hinde

Small business marketer who heads up an international team of marketers, based from a home office in Tauranga!


July 23rd – 9:30am – 11am

Classic Flyers Tauranga
8 Jean Batten Drive Mount Maunganui
(airport area)

Tickets are only $49 + gst

Not convinced?

Here is a result from one of Corey’s email tactics that was recently used by a local electrician – “sent the email, booked $6000 worth of work!”

Another electrician “Corey set up our Google My Business listing, and we booked $2000 worth of work, before our website was even live!”

How about this from a recent Mike Green article? I think he has your number…

23 things I love about Trades and Services Businesses and the people who own them

I love trades and services businesses – and the people that own them.
They are some of the nicest genuine hardest working people I have met.
They also run businesses that have so much upside in them, but they can’t see it because they either won’t change, or they are too close to it and can’t see the forest for the trees.
I am going to make a few generalisations. Now I am really going out on a limb here, because I don’t know you…but maybe I know you better than you think? Let’s see how many boxes you can tick:

  • Didn’t go to university or study business
  • Got into your area of skill because you are practical and love solving problems.
  • Probably started off working for someone else
  • Then either an opportunity (or a dispute) arose and you thought, “I may as well do this for myself”
  •  Over-service customers
  • Probably under-charge based on the service you deliver
  • Love doing a great job and take considerable personal pride in doing a job well
  • You are busy…too busy
  • Roped your partner in to do the admin, or
  • Do the admin yourself after the kids have gone to bed
  • Only give customers one quote
  • Hardly ever follow up on quotes from people you haven’t heard from
  • Want to do a far better job of communicating with your clients, but you never seem to get round to it.
  • It’s hard to find good staff
  • Feel the business revolves around you
  • Feel trapped sometimes…well, a lot actually
  • Often wake up at 2 or 3 am worrying about money or your workload.
  • Have a core group of customers you love doing work for
  • Have a few customers you hate doing work for…but do it anyway
  • Spend more hours at work and doing admin than you ever thought you would
  • Justify your time input based on putting in the hard yards now and ‘one day’ being able to do less
  • Drive a nice ute (or car) that you financed because it was a good deal and you deserved it

How did I do? Did I get a few right? Under half? About half? What about over half, How about most of them.
I love trades and services business…and their owners, because they are some of the nicest genuine hardest working people I have met. But most are sitting on a goldmine, and they don’t even know it.

Don’t delay – grab your tickets now, if this isn’t the smartest $49 you’ve EVER invested in your business, we’ll quite simply refund your money, no questions asked, no love lost!