By Corey Hinde

Missing or deleted Google Reviews can be a frustrating situation.

These reviews are crucial for most businesses as shoppers these days are very savvy and will do lots of research before making a purchasing decision.

You can use the process outlined here for:

  • Chasing up reviews that were left by your customer, but don’t seem to be appearing yet.
  • Getting reviews reinstated that did appear, but now do not.

In 2023, there have been multiple updates to Google Business Profile, and in some cases, this has resulted in genuine reviews being deleted, when in fact the intention of Google was to remove fake reviews, which has plagued the platform.

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You can watch the video above, or follow the steps below.

1️⃣ Visit the Google Support link below:

The page will look like this:

2️⃣ Enter your business details and the issue as shown below:

The dropdown menu shown at arrow #1 above will show you all the Google Business Profiles you manage if you manage several. 

Select the correct one.

At arrow #2 write “Google Reviews are Missing”

Then click on NEXT.

You’ll see a page like this now:

3️⃣ Click on REVIEW MISSING and then click NEXT STEP

You’ll get more options, click on NEXT STEP again:

4️⃣ Email Form and Submit:

At this point you need to email support, and wait for a reply.

This form is quite long and detailed, so take the time to be as thorough as possible.  

Once you submit the form, Google will try to automate things and get you back into the loop of “checking and rechecking the rules” – you’ll likely get something like this:

At this point, you need to keep going…. Reply and get a human interacting with you.

“Thanks but those resources did not help me, can I discuss this further please”

The goal is to get a human engaging with you, because once you do, they’ll usually recognise that Google has made an error here, and your reviews should be live!

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