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How to get in the Google 3 pack

Google 3 pack or Magic 3. Why?   You have a problem... you want to solve it.... You open up Google... You enter your search term... (we call it your Bullseye phrase or "must win phrase" - that phrase that your perfect customer is MOST likely to use when looking...

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Google My Business Weekly Checklist

By now, you know the power of Google My Business. BUT - you are busy, and just need to know… What MUST I do each week to get the most out of this great free tool? Hopefully, this checklist will become your guiding light. ONE Check all details and description are...

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How to spy on your business opposition

Don’t get me wrong… this isn’t about cheating. Or theft. It's about taking what’s already out there, in the public domain, and using it as best you can, to help your clients in the best way possible. You DO know that your opponents are probably already aware of this...

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Marketing Review 2018

Boom!  Halfway through the year.. are you achieving what you want in 2018 in business? Read on... if you learn nothing, I'll shout you a coffee... Engagements - being relevant to your ideal customer This has always been a huge part of business, and over time with the...

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The Ultimate Question…would you?

I love this question. I love it when it's coupled with it's buddy.... here we go: Would you recommend us to a friend?  Why? Looks simple... is not simple. Some years ago, Fred Reichheld declared it "the ultimate question" in a Harvard Business Review article. The...

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