We deal with Google Business Profile suspensions often.

Never our clients, but people in various groups online.

They are totally shi%%ing themselves too, because they realise that getting a listing back can take a while, and they’ll lose sales etc.

So, if you can avoid these 7, you should be okay – video version below, text version below that.

How to get your Google Business Profile (GBP) Suspended – the top 7 things currently tripping people up…..

1️⃣ Name Shenanigans…..if your GBP isn’t an exact match for your actual business name, it’s only a matter of time before either the artificial intelligence picks it up, or another Google user reports it.

2️⃣ Multiple businesses at one address… This will often trigger a Google suspension forcing you to verify that yep, your business is based there.

3️⃣ Dodgy Reviews… if you are buying reviews from so-called “professional review providers”, you are playing with fire, and probably deserve what you get…

4️⃣ Name | Address | Phone number inconsistencies. If there are multiple versions online anywhere, Google will find it eventually and Google hates to be confused… suspension usually comes.

5️⃣ Multiple Listings for the same business: Again, you are probably breaching Google terms, and also confusing Google, so you’ll likely, eventually, suffer a suspension.

6️⃣ Wrong services and / or categories being used. This can be seen as trying to “game” the system, and can see suspensions arise as well. Be thorough, but don’t just make things up.

7️⃣ Simply not being eligible for a listing. Many businesses got GBP’s approved, even though they weren’t eligible. Google “who is eligible for a Google Business Profile” to learn more. Eventually, these get picked up.


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