If you rank higher on Google, you win in business.  SEO (how to rank higher on Google), should be key for any business owner. 

SEO Consulting New Zealand with Corey Hinde. 


ATTENTION: Business Owners in Tauranga, New Zealand. (or anywhere else for that matter)


I’ll keep this really brief.


Tell me if any of these apply to you:


“I want to grow my business using online / digital marketing, I just not sure if I’m doing it right, or what to do next” (Using SEO to win on Google is always a good idea – and the results last)


“I don’t want to spend loads of money on digital marketing, but I do want to grow my business and KNOW that my money is being invested, not wasted”  (there is no ad spend with SEO, just consultant time, and the results are easily tracked)


“I have a pesky competitor that keeps beating me on Google, and I want to stop that happening as soon as possible”  (chances are that your competition are doing SEO themselves, and I’ll easily be able to beat them.. even if they have an SEO pro on the job… I back me to win for you)


The FACT is that apart from friends telling friends about who THEY use in business, Google search is THE place to be when it comes to business growth. 

Ranking high on Google is a business MUST in 2021, and quite frankly if you are not at least trying to win on Google, you are letting your competition beat you. 


People use Google every minute of the day to find businesses, and we want them to find YOU, not your pesky competitor!

Get in touch right now, your business will generate more leads once you take action.  We will work on your website for you, to get your website ranking above your competition.

Let’s hear from some happy clients:

If you are not quite ready to talk to us about your own SEO (how to rank higher on Google), and would rather learn a bit about it yourself, please check out our YouTube video below.  The MAIN mistake we see on the New Zealand business scene is people doing nothing in relation to their SEO, even a small time and money investment can yield big improvements. 

When you are ready, reach out because we’d love to help!


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