What if your business could DOUBLE – with ZERO extra website visitors?


Is that possible?


It’s called Conversion Rate Optimisation – or “getting more of your website visitors to make purchases”.

All of these ideas are relatively easy to complete, the magic trick is DOING them, then periodically revisiting them to keep improving based on your data. 

1️⃣ Improve your Call to Action (CTA)

I was talking to a guy in the US recently about CTA’s on websites, as it’s obviously very important. 

ALL this guy does is help websites convert MORE visitors into buyers.

His number 1 go to method?

He looks at the CTA (buy now, call us, book in etc etc), and ensures it stands out, and is frequent, as well as just plain OBVIOUS.  

He said that the number 1 issue he finds with smaller businesses is poor CTA design, look, and frequency.

Check out some websites from small businesses, then compare them to more established businesses, and make note of the differences in their CTA’s.  

Make it EASY to buy from you.

2️⃣ Shorten your “buy” process

Ever noticed how EASY it is to buy something on big websites like Amazon?

Sometimes, it’s literally ONE click and you are done!

On the flipside…. ever tried to buy something online and just being frustrated at how many steps were involved?

Can YOU make buying from you easier, and faster?

Cut out a step, speed a step up, improve a step?

3️⃣ Include your “we do this” in a very obvious, clear, and concise way

Trust me…. plenty of people don’t entirely “get it” re what your business actually does.

Can you use less words, and make it more obvious as to “what result your business gets for someone?”

Clear, obvious, and concise will generally win in this game.

Make sure it’s obvious all over your website too.

Here is a useful article on the Wordstream Blog about value propositions – well worth a read.

4️⃣ Include FAQ’s

The more questions you can answer and work through on your website, the easier it will be for people to just “buy it” rather than think about it and do more research.

You’ll notice that the best online stores always have FAQs about products, as well as extensive information about all the features and benefits of every product, so that people can buy the thing then and there.

5️⃣ Increase social proof / testimonials

No social proof or testimonials will generally = very few or no sales.

People believe other people.

People want to feel like they can trust you, and for this, they need evidence from other people.

You’ll never regret getting more testimonials on your website.

For example – “Love My Kitchen Benchtop“, a business that clearly sells Kitchen Benchtops…their website has LOADS of reviews, photos of great new kitchen benchtops… the social proof game on that website is immense!

Trust online is HUGE – people need to have faith. Marketing List for example, was created to help business owners find trusted marketing partners.

This goes for your Google Business Profile too, get reviews there using this method outlined on our blog, plenty of people are checking you out on Google Business Profile. 

6️⃣ Improve your warranty / money back offer

This is a very common tactic that simply works.

More trust = more sales right?

Ramp up your money back offer – extend it out – give people strong belief in your business.

7️⃣ Add some extras to improve perceived value

Can you add some extra items or added services into your sales mix?

Sometimes a small little extra will be the thing that turns someone from researcher into purchaser.

Free shipping? Bonus (thing).

Read more about Bonuses in this article by well known Podcaster Pat Flynn.

Up to you, but we know that when people dial up the perceived value, the sales increase.

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