With the changes to Google Business listings lately (Google My Business, Google Business Profile – we’ll just call it “Google Business”), we’ve been getting a LOT of questions about how to use the new version, and also how to rank higher on Google Business as well.

This article is about adding photos to your listing – because we know that when businesses ramp up with more photos on their listings, they rank higher and get more leads to their business.

YES – you can add photos this way via the new dashboard:

However, that’s a bit slow and clunky, and as a result, people aren’t likely to use it much unless they are on the platform a lot. 

We do recommend that you use the dashboard above for other reasons like adding updates, checking performance, and general management of your account, but for photos, we think the maps app version we’ll show you in this article is better.

We suggest you do it via Mobile – way faster, and easier, as you can take photos on your phone, and then seconds later they are on your Google Business listing!

Here is how you do it:

Step 1 – open up the Google Maps app on your phone.

Important point:  if you have an iPhone, you need to get the Google Maps app downloaded onto your phone.  If you use an Android phone, you’ll most likely already have the Google Maps app on your phone. 

Getting that app will also allow you to more quickly respond to messages from potential customers as well when they find your Google Business listing, so it’s a good idea to have it on your phone.  We’ve seen clients do real business just via the messaging app that ties together Maps and your Google Business listing.  

For now – just open up that app so you see something like the image above.

You’ll note from that image, that my face is up in the right hand corner – that means I’m logged into Google and will be able to proceed.

Step 2 – search for your business on the Maps app

When you see the business details appear at the bottom of the screen, tap on there which will take you to the next step.

You’ll now see a screen like this:

Step 4 – tap on “Photos”

You’ll now see a screen like this:

Once you click on “Add a photo”, you’ll be given options to add video, photos, after the usual prompts from Google asking if Maps can access your device for photos etc.

You can add photos already on your phone, OR access the camera and take photos directly while in the app.

It’s relatively easy to do, and in our opinion a very good idea as we know that Google listings we manage or assist with, always get more traffic, leads, and sales when they upload more images and video to their listings.

👀 We have a short video tutorial covering this here: 

Corey talks you through how to add photos to your Google Business Profile

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